Becoming The Peaceful Triathlete: 3 Tips For Success

What would it mean for you to be a peaceful triathlete? How could this help you succeed in being the best triathlete you can be? What follows are some discoveries I have made along the way, which I hope aid you in becoming a peaceful triathlete.

Marathon Training For Triathletes In The Off-Season

If you are a triathlete and want to complete a marathon, go for it! Marathons are a great way for the off-season triathlete to build and maintain aerobic endurance for the next season. Here are some marathon training tips for triathletes…

Stretch Training & Flexibility For Triathletes

Many amateur athletes don’t place a lot of value on stretching. But professional athletes sure do! And there is no sport where stretching is more important than the sport of triathlon. Triathletes with higher flexibility and elasticity in their muscles, perform more effectively and efficiently than athletes with low-elasticity muscles. Here’s how add a basic stretching plan to your training routine.

The Importance Of Systematic Training For Triathletes

Usually, triathletes preparing for upcoming events take it upon themselves to test the wisdom of systematic training. However, they pay the price for doing so. Here’s how to do systematic training correctly in order to prepare for future triathlon events.

How To Choose Running Shoes: Tips From A Triathlete

There are so many options to running shoes. The main thing is choosing a shoe that is right for your unique needs as a runner. Here’s how to determine your running stride, and what type of feet you have. Plus where to look for your next pair of triathlon running shoes

How To Deal With Muscle Cramps During Triathlon Training And Competing

Though muscle cramps can come during the swim or bike portion, they are more common during the run since a person is more susceptible to fatigue or dehydration nearing the latter states of a triathlon. Here’s why you get muscle cramps, plus what you can do to prevent them, and ultimately treat them.

5 Questions New Triathletes Feel Stupid Asking (But Shouldn’t)

Let’s discuss 5 of the most common questions newbie triathletes have about triathlon training and triathlon events. The topics include: wearing underwear, drinking water, airing up bike tires, signing up for the Hawaii Ironman, and drinking energy drinks vs sports drinks. Here’s what you need to know.