the-fun-times-guide-to-triathlons-logoSo, you want to do a triathlon or some other endurance sport that involves swimming, cycling, or running…

To participate in endurance sports like triathlons you’ve got to train your mind, body, and spirit to effectively and efficiently perform for a long distance.

This fun blog will educate you, prepare you, inspire you, and become a helpful resource for you to use when training and preparing for just about any endurance sport that involves a bike, a pair of running shoes, or a swimsuit.

We’re a community of athletes of all levels and experience, including beginners who simply enjoy running, biking, or swimming — no matter what the distance is.

In the end, we all have something we can learn from each other and a wealth of training tips & resources to share.

So, whether you’re preparing for your very first event, or you’re training for your 25th one, we’re all in this together!

The best part: there are so many “fun” aspects of participating in endurance sports:

Accomplishing a significant goal
Stretching yourself out of your comfort zone
Achieving a high level of physical fitness
Enjoying the friendships and camaraderie of others

The lakes you swim, the roads you bike, and the courses you run are likely to be some of the most spiritually invigorating experiences of your life.

Ready?… Here we go!