Triathlon Training Tips

Insanely helpful training tips for newbies from a fellow triathlete who’s been in your shoes. See how to set your own personal triathlon training goals and improve your skills during swim training, run training, and bike training in preparation for your first triathlon.

How To Train For A Half Marathon: A Very Detailed Half Marathon Training Program For Beginners

Your training schedule for a half marathon should start at least 12 weeks before the actual event. As a beginner, you’ll run 1-2 miles 3 days a week, 3-4 miles 1 day a week, cross train 1 day, and have 2 days of rest. The running miles should increase until your shorter runs reach 5-6 miles and your long runs reach 10 miles. A longtime runner shares how to train for the terrain, what to eat & drink, plus tips for success in your first half marathon.