Triathlon Training Tips

Insanely helpful training tips for newbies from a fellow triathlete who’s been in your shoes. See how to set your own personal triathlon training goals and improve your skills during swim training, run training, and bike training in preparation for your first triathlon.

All the best winter training guidelines for triathletes in search of cold weather training tips for the off-season.

Here are the benefits of belonging to a triathlon club, tips for starting a triathlon club yourself, guidelines for organizing your triathlon club, and ways to make your triathlon club successful.

A longtime runner shares her favorite half marathon training program for beginners, hurdles you'll face, plus tips for success in your first half marathon.

Being a devoted triathlete - and all that comes with it - can seem overwhelming. Here's how I would approach getting started as a beginner triathlete in the sport of triathlon.

In this video, you'll find some GREAT tips to prepare you for the open water swim portion of a triathlon.

See how to put on a wet suit properly. How to quickly transition from the swim to the bike. How to maximize your efforts on the bike. How to accurately track your bike speed. How to transition from the bike to the run. How to keep your energy level up on a hot day.

The moral to the story is: as a triathlete you must be mindful of the official triathlon rules. By reading this post, you can knock 'ignorance' off the list of things that would contribute to you getting disqualified from a triathlon event.

ChiRunning is a running technique that results in: injury-free and pain-free running, increased running efficiency, effortless hill running, increased running speed with reduced effort, and greater enjoyment of running.

I had a rocky start in swimming as a triathlete, but today swimming is the most enjoyable part of training and competing in triathlons for me. If you're a new triathlete and swimming is your weakest link, here are some things you can do to improve your swimming right now.