Triathlon Training Tips

Insanely helpful training tips for newbies from a fellow triathlete who’s been in your shoes. See how to set your own personal triathlon training goals and improve your skills during swim training, run training, and bike training in preparation for your first triathlon.

How To Be A Green Triathlete

There’s no question that the sport of triathlon leaves an ecological footprint. Thankfully, more and more triathlon race directors and organizers are going green. Here are some examples, plus tips for being a green triathlete.

Cycling Aerodynamics 101 For Triathletes

When it comes to cycling, there are 4 basic ways that air moves around you. Here’s how to maximize your aerodynamics while cycling and how to find the most aerodynamic position on the bike.

Social Networking Internet Sites For Triathletes

Here are a few benefits of social networking sites for triathletes — from niche networking to race-specific details, and everything in between. You’ll find some of the best triathlon sites to focus on, and ones to stay away from.

Importance Of Swimming Technique For Triathletes

Here’s one of those little triathlon ‘secrets’ that takes an amateur awhile to get in their head. Your success and performance as a triathlete will be limited more by your skills than what we typically think of as ‘fitness’. The key: FOCUS ON TECHNIQUE!

How To Maximize Your Off-Season Triathlon Training

What you do this off-season is immensely important and will largely determine your in-season triathlon performance. One way or another, either through improvement or digression, how you handle the next several weeks in your triathlon training is critical.

Hawaii Ironman: A Triathlete’s Guide

The most prominent triathlon race in the world, the Hawaii Ironman (also known as the Ford Ironman World Championship) will takes place each October. Here is a triathlete’s guide to participating in the Hawaii Ironman event.

Stretch Training & Flexibility For Triathletes

Many amateur athletes don’t place a lot of value on stretching. But professional athletes sure do! And there is no sport where stretching is more important than the sport of triathlon. Triathletes with higher flexibility and elasticity in their muscles, perform more effectively and efficiently than athletes with low-elasticity muscles. Here’s how add a basic stretching plan to your training routine.

Strength Training For Triathletes

What muscles are used in a triathlon? How well your muscles perform when swimming, biking and running comes down to how conditioned your muscles are to generate force within a wide range of motion. Weak, inflexible muscles can’t generate much power and velocity, and are more prone to injury. This is why strength training is a vital part of triathlon training.