Sports Nutrition

If you’re training for an endurance sporting event – like a triathlon or ultramarathon – your body will appreciate these helpful nutrition tips for athletes.

4 Sports Nutrition Myths For Endurance Athletes

It’s not uncommon for a triathlete to drag a nutrition myth or two into the sport. Some of these myths could easily prevent a triathlete from performing optimally. Here are 4 nutrition myths that triathletes may be in danger of believing.

Staying Hydrated: Dehydration, Overhydration & Body Weight Loss

Water is the number one concern on any athlete’s intake list. This is especially true for triathletes. You must stay hydrated for optimal performance as an endurance athlete. As you swim, bike, and run long distances, you sweat — which means you lose body weight since water comprises the highest percentage of your weight.

What Every Triathlete Needs To Know About Carbohydrates

It would be wise for every triathlete to learn more about the 4 key nutrients of triathlon nutrition. Let’s start by focusing on carbohydrates. Here’s how they work in your body when you’re competing. See which foods are highest in carb content.

Should Triathletes Eat Organic Foods?

Organic food is more expensive than conventional food. So the real question is: Does the additional cost of organic food justify going organic for a triathlete? I think most triathletes would agree that the fewer additives and chemicals they put into their body the better. Here’s more…