Personal Fitness

See how training for and participating in endurance sports like triathlons and ultramarathons affects your body and your mind. Plus ways to combat fatigue, nerves, and fears.

Bodyweight Exercises Build Functional Strength For Triathletes

Bodyweight exercises are exercises that rely on your body weight alone — no weights and no machines that provide resistance. Bodyweight exercises are stressful on the body without being damaging to the body. Here are the best bodyweight exercises for triathletes.

Ironman Triathlons: Are You Ready For An Ironman?

The two main questions you need to ask yourself before competing in your first Ironman are: Should you even consider doing an Ironman? and Are you ready for an Ironman? Let’s break down all of the factors that go into answering those questions for yourself.

What Every Triathlete Should Know About The Power-To-Weight Ratio

You can’t change your genetics, but you may be a candidate to significantly influence your body composition to aid your performance as a triathlete. Whatever body type you have, and whatever your body fat composition, improving your power-to-weight ratio will aid you in reaching your full potential as a triathlete.