Cycling Fun

For those who like to ride bikes just for fun – or use them to get back and forth to work or errands – here are some fun cycling ideas worth trying.

If you're searching for a new 'gently used' bike, this information should help you find a bike right away, so you too can get back into cycling. Here are the 5 best places to find a free or cheap bike online AND in your local area!

My best tips for new -- or returning -- cyclists are perfect for newbies in training, as well as those who are looking for a fun new way to get fit, and cyclists who've been away from the sport for awhile. Whether you'll be doing short- or long-distance rides, if you'll be riding on the road -- rather than a bike path or offroad -- then these tips will come in handy.

A Weehoo bike trailer gives your child an open-air experience while cycling. Here's my review, how to install it, how to find the best deal on a used Weehoo trailer.

I have a Lectric XP eBike. Here's what I've learned about electric bike tires, pedal assist, electric assist, battery range, speeds, laws (where you can ride an electric bike).

Here's how I chose a child bike seat and an affordable used bike. Tips to start family cycling adventures together - including the bike accessories we use most and a comparison of the many ways to bike with a toddler.

I made a bike phone mount for my smartphone. You can do the same. Then, using an app, you can track anything you want to know about your bike rides!

What's on your cycling bucket list? Here are my favorite cycling trips (in San Francisco, Moab, Park City, and Sedona) -- for every skill level of bike rider.

Bike hoists free up floor space in your garage or apartment. Considering a bike hoist as your bike storage solution? Here's what to look for + how to install a bike hoist.

Here's an overview to get you ready for the biggest cycling event of the year, with lots of fun ways to stay in the loop with all things Tour de France. Plus, interesting trivia and race facts for Tour de France spectators and fans.