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Looking For A Bicycle Trailer For Your Child? We Bought A Weehoo Bike Trailer… And We Absolutely LOVE It!

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By Candida

Cycling with my toddler in a Weehoo bike trailer.

I recently got into cycling with my 2-year-old. We love the freedom it provides, while getting us outdoors to enjoy the surrounding greenways.

When I was first researching how I would haul my toddler around while cycling, I was on the fence between a rear frame-mounted child seat and a pull-behind bicycle trailer. I ultimately went with the Thule Yepp Maxi child seat based purely on price — since I was buying it used on Facebook Marketplace.

During my research, I definitely took notice of the Weehoo Trailers and found they have a nice selection of different models to choose from. The Turbo model, which retails at $399, was a bit out of my price range. But it was ultimately the one I wanted — if it ever became available for sale used.

And… I finally found one!

My Search For A Weehoo Trailer

I’ve had great luck in buying a lot of gently used items on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve discovered that patience is the key! Each item I search for eventually makes its way onto the Marketplace, and I can then scoop it up for a fraction of the price — as long as I watch the Marketplace regularly and remain patient.

So, I proceeded to watch Facebook Marketplace, hoping that a gently used Weehoo Trailer would become available. All the while, I was still completely enjoying our cycling adventures using the rear child seat to haul my son.

My son studying all of the little nuances from his point-of-view

Eventually, a Weehoo Turbo bike trailer appeared for sale in my area for an amazing price of $135. I was literally the first one to message the seller saying, “I’m on my way with cash in hand!”

I could tell the seller was part of an avid cycling family when he opened his garage door to display several bikes of all sizes. He went on to tell me that his son just grew out of the Weehoo, but they had enjoyed it immensely.

I couldn’t have gotten a better deal — because the seller had all the hitch pieces, extra bike flags, and the Weehoo itself was in excellent condition. I could barely contain my excitement while he helped me load it into the back of my SUV. And I couldn’t wait to give it a try with my son!

Some of the reasons I’m so excited about our Weehoo bike trailer:

#1 – First of all, it’s an inline (20-inch single wheel), open-cockpit bike trailer — the fact that it’s inline makes it a perfectly balanced and streamlined bicycle trailer.

#2 – Currently, we ride mostly on the greenways around our area — but I love the fact that eventually we can go off trail with it, as our riding style evolves.

#3 – Pulling the trailer is relatively easy — thanks to the single wheel and self-adjusting hitch. The trailer itself weighs 26 lbs.

#4 – This bicycle trailer is super kid-friendly and allows my son to eat snacks, drink a beverage, pedal forward or backward, or just coast while sitting back and enjoying the ride. I also like that the pedals keep my son engaged while we’re cycling.

#5 – Storage is a huge deal with kids, so I love that the pair of bags on the back of the seat allow for 14 liters of cargo space — it’s the perfect size to pack snacks, beverages, diapers, wipes, etc.

Two large zipper bags - one on either side of the Weehoo trailer wheel.

#6 – I also love that the Weehoo Turbo bike trailer has 2 little pouches (open pockets) on both sides, within easy reach of my son’s hands.

#7 – The padded seat is completely adjustable to fit to the pedals — and requires no tools whatsoever.

#8 – My son can really grow with this bicycle trailer as our cycling journey continues — because it’s designed to fit kids between the ages of 2 to 9, with a maximum weight limit of 80 lbs.

#9 – I can thoroughly enjoy the ride knowing that my son is secure in the 3-point safety harness.

#10 – The foot straps on the pedals provide added safety.

#11 – The chain and drivetrain are completely enclosed — so I don’t ever have to worry about clothes, tiny fingers, or skin getting pinched.

#12 – The seat also has armrests and a set of hand grips — for that extra sense of security (and leverage for pedaling).

#13 – For added safety, the connector arm has a guard to deflect dirt, rocks, and debris coming from the rear wheel of the bike.

#14 – All Weehoo trailers come with a safety visibility flag.

NOTE: The Weehoo Turbo bike trailer is quite long when assembled (82″ x 14″ x 32″). Luckily, the connector arm disconnects via a quick-release pin — to help with transportation. (It’s 48″ x 14″ x 32″ without the connector arm.)

How To Install A Weehoo Bike Trailer

This bicycle trailer was ridiculously easy to install!

I just had to remove my Yepp Maxi child seat frame-mount hardware. (The Weehoo Turbo bike trailer will not work with any rear seat hardware or rear racks of any kind.)

The Weehoo comes with a hitch kit that installs around the diameter of your bike’s seat post.

So I simply had to remove the seatpost and slide the hitch onto it one time. Once installed, the convenient hitch allows for easy transition to solo riding or family riding.

This bicycle trailer can fit a wide variety of adult bikes!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to attach a Weehoo trailer to your bike:

  1. Remove components.

    remove any rear rack or rear child seat

  2. Mark the seat-post

    indicate the current height of your bike seat.

  3. Loosen the seat-post.

    Use an allen (hex) wrench to loosen the screw and remove the seat-post.

  4. Choose Bushing

    Choose the correct size of hitch bushing, according to the diameter of your seat-post.

  5. Insert Bushing

    Insert the black bushing into the metal hitch part.

  6. Insert the seat-post

    put the seat-post through the bushing and metal hitch.

  7. Set Seat height

    Lift the bushing and look for your seat height marking.

  8. Tighten seat-post

    Once you’ve found the proper height, tighten the seat-post in place.

  9. Attach Arm

    Attach the connector arm to the main frame, using the quick-release pin.

  10. Attach seat-post to trailer

    Attach the connector arm to the seat-post hitch, using the quick-release pin.

In this video, I’m walking through all the features that I like best on the Weehoo Turbo trailer — plus, you can watch as I install the Weehoo on my bike:

My Tips For Cycling With A Weehoo Trailer

I like to keep the Weehoo bike trailer and my bike parked perpendicular to each other — to keep them stabilized while we’re loading up.

(Of course you will never want to leave your child unattended while seated in the Weehoo trailer.)

These are the steps I follow when preparing to ride with my son in the Weehoo:

  1. Get yourself and your child ready to ride — making sure all straps are unclipped and ready for your child to be seated in the trailer.
  2. Put your bike helmets on.
  3. Place your child in the seat and buckle in using the 3-point safety harness.
  4. Secure and pull all straps so they’re snug.
  5. Adjust the Weehoo seat by loosening the bolt and sliding it back & forth, according to your child’s feet touching the pedals.
  6. Re-tighten the Weehoo seat bolt, once it’s in the proper position.
  7. Attach the foot pedal straps to your child’s foot.
  8. Hold onto bike until you can properly mount — to keep the bike and the trailer from tipping over.

Who Knew?…

I discovered some fun facts about the inventor of Weehoo trailers, Stephen Rodgers, and how the Weehoo trailer name came about.

Basically the story goes that sometime in 2008, Stephen was on a family vacation — cycling in the Colorado mountains with his kids using a basic 2-wheeled trailer.

He said his kids were miserable the whole time. So, being a chemical engineer, he now had a problem to solve when he got home! He wanted a bike trailer that his kids would enjoy and engage with.

He went to work in his garage — building a prototype of the trailer he had in mind. When he finally had a prototype built, he used one of his kids as the test subject on a trail where they live.

Of course, his kid immediately yelled out…”Weeeeeehooooo!”

Weehoo bike trailers went into production in 2010 and are now sold in more than 25 countries.

I love a good story like that.

My son was incredibly excited at the very sight of this bicycle trailer. He absolutely couldn’t wait to get in the seat! We’ve been trying to teach him to pedal his own bike for a couple months, and he immediately started pedaling on his own the first time he rode in the Weehoo trailer.

I like that the pedaling action on the Weehoo is not only interactive by giving my son something to do, but it actually contributes to the propulsion of the convoy.

I love our cycling journey of discovery, and I’m happy to share my findings with you.

As you can see in this video, my son really enjoys his Weehoo bike trailer:

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