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If you're searching for a new 'gently used' bike, this information should help you find a bike right away, so you too can get back into cycling. Here are the 5 best places to find a free or cheap bike online AND in your local area!

A critical time for re-fueling is on the bike, and you need a good way to carry all of your nutrition and hydration supplies. Here are some ways to carry those items with you on the bike...

A Weehoo bike trailer gives your child an open-air experience while cycling. Here's my review, how to install it, how to find the best deal on a used Weehoo trailer.

I have a Lectric XP eBike. Here's what I've learned about electric bike tires, pedal assist, electric assist, battery range, speeds, laws (where you can ride an electric bike).

Here's how I chose a child bike seat and an affordable used bike. Tips to start family cycling adventures together - including the bike accessories we use most and a comparison of the many ways to bike with a toddler.

Being a devoted triathlete - and all that comes with it - can seem overwhelming. Here's how I would approach getting started as a beginner triathlete in the sport of triathlon.

To get through a triathlon, you need mental toughness, equipment, clothing & other essential items that might not seem obvious. The triathlon gear you need, plus training & racing tips that I've learned in my years as a triathlete.

Bike hoists free up floor space in your garage or apartment. Considering a bike hoist as your bike storage solution? Here's what to look for + how to install a bike hoist.

See how to put on a wet suit properly. How to quickly transition from the swim to the bike. How to maximize your efforts on the bike. How to accurately track your bike speed. How to transition from the bike to the run. How to keep your energy level up on a hot day.