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The moral to the story is: as a triathlete you must be mindful of the official triathlon rules. By reading this post, you can knock 'ignorance' off the list of things that would contribute to you getting disqualified from a triathlon event.

I've learned firsthand that these are some simple ways to save big bucks on gear, equipment, events, and other things that triathletes typically spend a lot of money on.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your triathlon bike for the upcoming triathlon season. Tips include: how to change a flat tire, how to clean your bike and lube your bike chain, how to tune-up your bike, and other basic bike maintenance tips.

Here are a few of the latest high-tech bike gear options for triathletes, including: triathlon bikes, triathlon shoes, cycling socks, LED bike lights, Lace locks for shoelaces, and gel bottles for cyclists.

When it comes to cycling, there are 4 basic ways that air moves around you. Here's how to maximize your aerodynamics while cycling and how to find the most aerodynamic position on the bike.

There's a lot involved when traveling and vacationing in conjunction with a triathlon event, but with proper planning, it can be a great trip for all involved. What follows are some tips for turning your next triathlon event into a family vacation.

Triathletes invest a lot of time determining the brand of bike to purchase, the correct bike fit, the bike's components, and the right tires for your triathlon bike. Plus, a new bike obviously comes with a seat, yet typically people don't really question or investigate whether their bike seat is the best bike seat for them. Mistake! Here's what to look for in a bike seat or bike saddle for triathlons.

In a nutshell, a triathlon bike has incorporated changes to a typical road bike that make it lighter and more aerodynamic. You can make some of these changes to your road bike by adding aero bars and aero wheels. This may be step one as you get started in the sport of triathlon. After you move past the exploration phase and decide to continue doing triathlons, I would encourage you to purchase a triathlon-specific bike.

A person could easily spend in the thousands of dollars for a year of triathlon training and triathlon events. What follows are some ideas on cutting tri costs.