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What is it REALLY like to participate in a mud run obstacle course race? Here's the inside scoop. What to expect & How to prepare for your first mud run!

A Weehoo bike trailer gives your child an open-air experience while cycling. Here's my review, how to install it, how to find the best deal on a used Weehoo trailer.

Here's how I chose a child bike seat and an affordable used bike. Tips to start family cycling adventures together - including the bike accessories we use most and a comparison of the many ways to bike with a toddler.

For the adventure-seeking lady, there are lots of women's mud run events in the U.S. & beyond. Give one of these a try for your next girls weekend getaway!

Embrace your inner-gypsy. Get addicted to healthy living. Make ultrarunning about something bigger than you. 3 simple things I've learned from Catra Corbett

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Preparing for your first mud run? Tips from experienced mud runners and little-known secrets to help you prepare (and have more fun) at your first mud run.

Setting your sights on a breast cancer walk like the Komen 3-Day Walk? See what it was like for me... and what you can expect.

Thinking of doing a fundraising walk or a long walking event? Helpful training tips that I learned firsthand after participating in my first Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk.


What do you REALLY need for a multi-day walk like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure? My best tips after participating in a 3-day walk for charity.