VIDEO: Tips To Prepare You For The Open Water Swim At A Triathlon

by Lynnette


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In the following video, you’ll find some great tips to prepare you for the open water swim portion of a triathlon.


Some of the highlights:

  • A slow and steady entry into the water is better than an overly-anxious “mosh pit” approach with flailing body parts going every which way. So let everyone else exert their energy that way, while you remain calm and enter the water from the back or side instead.
  • Get comfortable with open water swimming before the day of the triathlon — because a 50-yard distances looks and feels a lot different in open water than it does in a swimming pool.
  • If panic sets in, try concentrating on anything other than the negative thoughts that are going through your mind. Instead, concentrate on your breathing, your strokes, or maybe even start humming.
  • With a lot of practice and a little patience, you can tackle the swim portion of your next triathlon with ease!