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I represent the non-competitive cyclists, runners, and swimmers of the group. I mostly write about all the ways that biking, jogging, and swimming are fun when you're not a serious athlete.

If you're searching for a new 'gently used' bike, this information should help you find a bike right away, so you too can get back into cycling. Here are the 5 best places to find a free or cheap bike online AND in your local area!

My best tips for new -- or returning -- cyclists are perfect for newbies in training, as well as those who are looking for a fun new way to get fit, and cyclists who've been away from the sport for awhile. Whether you'll be doing short- or long-distance rides, if you'll be riding on the road -- rather than a bike path or offroad -- then these tips will come in handy.

All the best winter training guidelines for triathletes in search of cold weather training tips for the off-season.

I made a bike phone mount for my smartphone. You can do the same. Then, using an app, you can track anything you want to know about your bike rides!

Ready to ditch the running shoes for a better option? The 3 best minimalist running shoes that give you a barefoot running experience while protecting your soles.

When you go running, do you take a full music playlist with you? Facts about running music and the degree to which it helps (or hurts) running performance.

Running shoes with toes or barefoot shoes make sense for runners. But minimalist running shoes are best when you're making the transition to natural running

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Preparing for your first mud run? Tips from experienced mud runners and little-known secrets to help you prepare (and have more fun) at your first mud run.

Even if you're a new runner, you can do a half marathon in 6 months! Here's a half marathon training schedule so you'll be ready for your first half marathon.