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I represent the non-competitive cyclists, runners, and swimmers of the group. I mostly write about all the ways that biking, jogging, and swimming are fun when you're not a serious athlete.

Bike hoists free up floor space in your garage or apartment. Considering a bike hoist as your bike storage solution? Here's what to look for + how to install a bike hoist.

In this video, you'll find some GREAT tips to prepare you for the open water swim portion of a triathlon.

See how to put on a wet suit properly. How to quickly transition from the swim to the bike. How to maximize your efforts on the bike. How to accurately track your bike speed. How to transition from the bike to the run. How to keep your energy level up on a hot day.

I have two hill-climbing strategies that get me through most every type of hill on a bike: 1. Focus on your pedaling motion, find a groove. 2. Switch gears a lot when pedaling up hills. Here's how I switched from fearing hills to conquering them!

I used to be a long-distance cyclist. Not a great one. Nor a fast one. Just an average one -- who had a ball every time my wheels were spinning. Fast-forward to today. And even though I've biked a bit around here since we moved to Tennessee, as I kept getting busier and busier, I kept pushing my bike farther and farther into the corner of our garage. Here's how I got re-motivated to get back into cycling. Lots of great tips.

I'm not a triathlete -- just a long distance cyclist who enjoys biking for the FUN of it. Whatever your cycling goals are, I hope that you enjoy these photos and highlights from some of my own cycling experiences!