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All the best winter training guidelines for triathletes in search of cold weather training tips for the off-season.

To get through a triathlon, you need mental toughness, equipment, clothing & other essential items that might not seem obvious. The triathlon gear you need, plus training & racing tips that I've learned in my years as a triathlete.

In this video, you'll find some GREAT tips to prepare you for the open water swim portion of a triathlon.

See how to put on a wet suit properly. How to quickly transition from the swim to the bike. How to maximize your efforts on the bike. How to accurately track your bike speed. How to transition from the bike to the run. How to keep your energy level up on a hot day.

If you are interested in exploring the world of endurance sports beyond or as a complement to triathlon, here are some areas worth investigating.

Triathletes spend countless training hours swimming laps and covering many miles by bike and foot. Listening to music makes triathlon training more enjoyable and may even give you a slight training edge! You probably already listen to music while you bike and run. Why not listen to music while you swim?

Here are the pros and cons of speedsuits compared to wetsuits -- to help you determine if you need a speedsuit for triathlon events or not. Plus, the top 11 speedsuits and what makes each speedsuit different from the rest.

I've learned firsthand that these are some simple ways to save big bucks on gear, equipment, events, and other things that triathletes typically spend a lot of money on.

A study just came out which states that triathlons pose twice the risk of sudden death as marathons do. Here's how to reduce your triathlon risk, especially when swimming -- which is commonly viewed as the most dangerous aspect of the sport.