Mind Body Connection

Training affects the whole body — even your mind and your spirit. See how your mindset and your attitude can significantly impact your training and participation in triathlons and ultramarathons. Here are some excellent ways to keep a positive attitude while overcoming fatigue, nerves, and fears.

One of the most significant mental or psychological disruptions for a triathlete is anxiety. Here are some common triathlete anxieties, as well as signals that anxiety may be affecting your triathlon performance.

Here we delve into matters of sports psychology and the mental side of the sport of triathlon. Athletes often say about their sports performance, "It's mostly mental." In the sport of triathlon this is particularly true. Here's how to build your confidence as a triathlete.

During the off-season, all triathletes face the fear of losing fitness. Here are some tips to keep you on the right track all year round.

As an over-40 triathlete, I want to encourage you to extend your longevity and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon by viewing your age as an advantage. Here's how...

This post is about opening your eyes to cancer, the leading cause of death in America among adults under the age of 85. It happened to Lance Armstrong, a conditioned athlete. And it could happen to you.

As a triathlete, there are several ways you could apply the concept of a New Year's Resolution to your training. Following are some tips for coming up with New Year's Resolutions that could help you to become a better triathlete.

Here are some things you can do to increase the chances that you will actually stick with triathlon as a sport, and continue to meet your short- and long-term goals.

There is a mental and spiritual side to the sport of triathlon that is every bit as important as the physical aspects of training and competing. Here's how to keep your self-esteem in check while training and competing in triathlons.

This morning when I woke up, being a triathlete felt like a burden. The triathlete blues often hit around August when you're a little worn out, and your most important goals are still ahead of you. Your body has acquired its aches and pains, the summer heat begins to wear on you, and all kinds of frustrations get into your head. Here are some tips for dealing with triathlon blues.