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I used to get blisters on my feet after 24+ hour ultramarathons. Then I learned this secret to prevent blisters when running: wrapped feet! No more blisters

I successfully endured (and finished) this horrible, transformational, very bad, epic race! See what it's like running A Race For The Ages in Manchester TN.

I ran 100 miles in the Holston River Endurance Challenge. This 100 mile race was difficult, eye-opening, life-changing. See what I learned + My 5 best tips.

It's time to be epic! Let David Goggins help you as he's helped me. 3 powerful David Goggins quotes to break free from the prison of ultrarunning training!

If you run a lot, especially over long distances, then you're likely to experience running injuries at some point. Prevent overuse injuries with these tips.

When it comes to anti-inflammatory and pain relief products for an athlete's aches, pains, muscle strains and pulls, NSAIDs are not the only game in town. I want to encourage you to explore natural alternatives like essential oils. Here's why I use them.

I'm not an anti-medical establishment guy, but it was a little worrisome to discover the following trends in conventional healthcare...

Following are some of the most common triathlete injuries and how to treat them...

If you have a recent sport injury, you're probably wondering how this is going to affect your training. Each triathlete and each injury is unique. Returning too soon can increase your risk of re-injury or developing a chronic problem that will lead to a longer recovery. Waiting too long can lead to unnecessary de-conditioning.