Ironman Triathlons: Are You Ready For An Ironman?

The two main questions you need to ask yourself before competing in your first Ironman are: Should you even consider doing an Ironman? and Are you ready for an Ironman? Let’s break down all of the factors that go into answering those questions for yourself.

Jim’s Fun Times Guide Triathlon Awards

I decided to close out one year and start a new one on The Fun Times Guide to Triathlons with some special triathlon awards. Here are Jim’s Fun Times Guide Triathlon Awards for the year.

Hawaii Ironman: A Triathlete’s Guide

The most prominent triathlon race in the world, the Hawaii Ironman (also known as the Ford Ironman World Championship) will takes place each October. Here is a triathlete’s guide to participating in the Hawaii Ironman event.

5 Questions New Triathletes Feel Stupid Asking (But Shouldn’t)

Let’s discuss 5 of the most common questions newbie triathletes have about triathlon training and triathlon events. The topics include: wearing underwear, drinking water, airing up bike tires, signing up for the Hawaii Ironman, and drinking energy drinks vs sports drinks. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing A Triathlon Event & Training For Your ‘A-Race’

Whether you’ve just decided to do a triathlon or you’ve already done 30 of them, it’s important to identify a specific triathlon race that you are training to compete in. Doing so gives you a solid goal to work towards, and a focal point to build your training program around. Here’s how to choose a triathlon event, and what you need to know about triathlon races.