Tour de France Cycling Highlights, Trivia & Fun Facts

Here’s an overview to get you ready for the biggest cycling event of the year, with lots of fun ways to stay in the loop with all things Tour de France. Plus, interesting trivia and race facts for Tour de France spectators and fans.

Becoming The Peaceful Triathlete: 3 Tips For Success

What would it mean for you to be a peaceful triathlete? How could this help you succeed in being the best triathlete you can be? What follows are some discoveries I have made along the way, which I hope aid you in becoming a peaceful triathlete.

The Dangers Of Over Training For Triathlons

Do you over train? Is it okay to over train… sometimes? I’m a Triathlete and I over train. It’s hard for me to take a day off. Here’s what you should know about overtraining for triathlons — or any sport for that matter!

Reason #4: Triathlons Are FUN… Really!

What makes triathlons fun? Well, it’s going to sneak up on you, but one day you are going to come across someone who is right where you are right now. Suddenly, it’s going to hit you that you did make it, that you persevered through all the challenges and obstacles, you accomplished your goal, you have become a stronger person — YOU did it!