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If you are a triathlete and want to complete a marathon, go for it! Marathons are a great way for the off-season triathlete to build and maintain aerobic endurance for the next season. Here are some marathon training tips for triathletes...

A longtime runner shares her favorite half marathon training program for beginners, hurdles you'll face, plus tips for success in your first half marathon.

Thinking of running a half marathon? Don't let these 4 challenges derail you like they do most new runners. I've got some tips to help you overcome these hurdles

I used to get blisters on my feet after 24+ hour ultramarathons. Then I learned this secret to prevent blisters when running: wrapped feet! No more blisters

Ultramarathon training is the next natural step after you've done a marathon or two. You can train and run an ultramarathon in 16 weeks. Here's how!

Even if you're a new runner, you can do a half marathon in 6 months! Here's a half marathon training schedule so you'll be ready for your first half marathon.

You've got your heart and mind set on a goal: you want to run a half-marathon race. The problem is that you've never accomplished anything like this before. First and foremost, congratulations on making a decision that will inevitably change your life. You have made a goal for yourself, and regardless of who you are, how old you are, or how much you weigh, you can accomplish your goal if you use these 4 tips.