Bodyweight Exercises Build Functional Strength For Triathletes

Bodyweight exercises are exercises that rely on your body weight alone — no weights and no machines that provide resistance. Bodyweight exercises are stressful on the body without being damaging to the body. Here are the best bodyweight exercises for triathletes.

Stretch Training & Flexibility For Triathletes

Many amateur athletes don’t place a lot of value on stretching. But professional athletes sure do! And there is no sport where stretching is more important than the sport of triathlon. Triathletes with higher flexibility and elasticity in their muscles, perform more effectively and efficiently than athletes with low-elasticity muscles. Here’s how add a basic stretching plan to your training routine.

Strength Training For Triathletes

What muscles are used in a triathlon? How well your muscles perform when swimming, biking and running comes down to how conditioned your muscles are to generate force within a wide range of motion. Weak, inflexible muscles can’t generate much power and velocity, and are more prone to injury. This is why strength training is a vital part of triathlon training.

Tips For Fine-Tuning Your Triathlon Training Plan

When establishing a triathlon training plan, you need to train in 3 different sports: swimming, biking, running. There are an endless number of training plans to choose from. I would encourage you to think of triathlon training as both a science and an art. Here are some triathlon training plans to consider.