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For timed ultramarathons you'll need a tent as a personal staging area during the race. Here's how to pick a tent for your trail running gear & support crew

The 24-hour run has become popular, so I've decided to share my best tips and recommendations based on my own experience running 24-hour ultramarathons.

Many ultrarunners take to the trails, hills & mountains for multi-day running events. Fastpacking is rapid, long-distance trail or mountain travel by foot.

If ultramarathons are your goal, then you'll be doing a lot of long distance running as part of your training. Some helpful tips for your long training runs

Ultramarathon training is the next natural step after you've done a marathon or two. You can train and run an ultramarathon in 16 weeks. Here's how!

If you're wondering what it's REALLY like to participate in a mud run obstacle course race, here's the inside scoop. What you can expect and how to prepare for your first mud run event.

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Preparing for your first mud run? Tips from experienced mud runners and little-known secrets to help you prepare (and have more fun) at your first mud run.

Even if you're a new runner, you can do a half marathon in 6 months! Here's a half marathon training schedule so you'll be ready for your first half marathon.


What do you REALLY need for a multi-day walk like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure? My best tips after participating in a 3-day walk for charity.