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What is a Sprint Triathlon? How do you know where to start? What is on-site registration like? Those are a few of the questions you're likely to have as a new triathlete. It's also quite possible there will be times when, despite all your training and preparation, there will be a voice in your head as you swim, bike, or run that will call into question whether or not you are going to be able to do it. You CAN do it... here's how!

When establishing a triathlon training plan, you need to train in 3 different sports: swimming, biking, running. There are an endless number of training plans to choose from. I would encourage you to think of triathlon training as both a science and an art. Here are some triathlon training plans to consider.

Do you over train? Is it okay to over train... sometimes? I'm a Triathlete and I over train. It's hard for me to take a day off. Here's what you should know about overtraining for triathlons -- or any sport for that matter!

Let's discuss 5 of the most common questions newbie triathletes have about triathlon training and triathlon events. The topics include: wearing underwear, drinking water, airing up bike tires, signing up for the Hawaii Ironman, and drinking energy drinks vs sports drinks. Here's what you need to know.

A day in the Tri Life consists of making mistakes -- it happens when triathletes are training, as well as on the day of the big event. Mistakes are expected and natural. Here are 3 you might be able to avoid... from someone who's been there, done that.

Times have changed. These days, 'old timers' over 40 are kicking butt and taking names. It's never too late to start training for triathlons! Here are some inspirational people who've done it... over 40.

What is living the Tri Life like? It's living an 'I Can' life. It's living a 'Wellness' life. It's living a 'Purposeful' life. It's all of that an a whole lot more. Here's why I'm enjoying every minute of being a triathlete and what it's like to live the Tri Life... to me.

Triathletes are especially susceptible to injuries because triathlon training and competition pushes the human body to its limits. That's why you should incorporate an injury prevention mentality into your training. Here are some suggestions for preventing triathlete injuries, plus some homeopathic treatments for sports injuries you can try.

Whether you've just decided to do a triathlon or you've already done 30 of them, it's important to identify a specific triathlon race that you are training to compete in. Doing so gives you a solid goal to work towards, and a focal point to build your training program around. Here's how to choose a triathlon event, and what you need to know about triathlon races.