Is Triathlon A Dangerous Sport? What Are The Risks?

A study just came out which states that triathlons pose twice the risk of sudden death as marathons do. Here’s how to reduce your triathlon risk, especially when swimming — which is commonly viewed as the most dangerous aspect of the sport.

Best Triathlon Gear Bags That Hold Everything A Triathlete Needs

There is a lot of gear you have to pack and carry to a triathlon. With the exception of your bike and the few items stored in your saddle bag, all the rest has to be packed in something. You could cram everything into 2 or 3 different bags, or you could purchase a triathlon gear bag that compartmentalizes it all for you.

How To Prepare Your Bike For The Triathlon Season

Here are some tips to help you prepare your triathlon bike for the upcoming triathlon season. Tips include: how to change a flat tire, how to clean your bike and lube your bike chain, how to tune-up your bike, and other basic bike maintenance tips.

High-Tech Bikes & Gear For Triathletes

Here are a few of the latest high-tech bike gear options for triathletes, including: triathlon bikes, triathlon shoes, cycling socks, LED bike lights, Lace locks for shoelaces, and gel bottles for cyclists.

Bodyweight Exercises Build Functional Strength For Triathletes

Bodyweight exercises are exercises that rely on your body weight alone — no weights and no machines that provide resistance. Bodyweight exercises are stressful on the body without being damaging to the body. Here are the best bodyweight exercises for triathletes.

How A Cycling Power Meter Can Help Triathletes

What if I told you that using a power meter could help you reach the performance level you desire in half the time you would spend training without it? It’s going to cost you on the front end, but the investment may prove quite worthwhile, even more economical in the long run.