WARNING: 11 Triathlon Rules You Need To Be Aware Of

The moral to the story is: as a triathlete you must be mindful of the official triathlon rules. By reading this post, you can knock ‘ignorance’ off the list of things that would contribute to you getting disqualified from a triathlon event.

4 Ways To Save Money As A Triathlete

I’ve learned firsthand that these are some simple ways to save big bucks on gear, equipment, events, and other things that triathletes typically spend a lot of money on.

How To Build Self-Confidence As A Triathlete

Here we delve into matters of sports psychology and the mental side of the sport of triathlon. Athletes often say about their sports performance, “It’s mostly mental.” In the sport of triathlon this is particularly true. Here’s how to build your confidence as a triathlete.

Is Triathlon A Dangerous Sport? What Are The Risks?

A study just came out which states that triathlons pose twice the risk of sudden death as marathons do. Here’s how to reduce your triathlon risk, especially when swimming — which is commonly viewed as the most dangerous aspect of the sport.

How To Prepare Your Bike For The Triathlon Season

Here are some tips to help you prepare your triathlon bike for the upcoming triathlon season. Tips include: how to change a flat tire, how to clean your bike and lube your bike chain, how to tune-up your bike, and other basic bike maintenance tips.