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Bike Training: Hills

I have two hill-climbing strategies that get me through most every type of hill on a bike: 1. Focus on your pedaling motion, find a groove. 2. Switch gears a lot when pedaling up hills. Here's how I switched from fearing hills to conquering them!

How To Beat The Triathlon Blues

This morning when I woke up, being a triathlete felt like a burden. The triathlete blues often hit around August when you're a little worn out, and your most important goals are still ahead of you. Your body has acquired its aches and pains, the summer heat begins to wear on you, and all kinds of frustrations get into your head. Here are some tips for dealing with triathlon blues.

Tips For Fine-Tuning Your Triathlon Training Plan

When establishing a triathlon training plan, you need to train in 3 different sports: swimming, biking, running. There are an endless number of training plans to choose from. I would encourage you to think of triathlon training as both a science and an art. Here are some triathlon training plans to consider.

Choosing A Triathlon Event & Training For Your ‘A-Race’

Whether you've just decided to do a triathlon or you've already done 30 of them, it's important to identify a specific triathlon race that you are training to compete in. Doing so gives you a solid goal to work towards, and a focal point to build your training program around. Here's how to choose a triathlon event, and what you need to know about triathlon races.

Beginner Triathlon Training Programs & Resources

Where do you start to begin training for your first triathlon? Fortunately, you can find some great online triathlon training, as well as triathlon coaching online. There are also a number of triathlon training guides in the form of triathlon training books, DVDs, and lecture series. Here are some beginner triathlon training programs to consider when you are establishing your triathlon training plan.