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Whether you're a triathlete yourself or you know a triathlete and would like to get them a gift... here are some gift ideas for triathletes in a variety of different price ranges. Everything from the traditional must-haves to some outside-the-box ideas that triathletes will love!

Being a devoted triathlete - and all that comes with it - can seem overwhelming. Here's how I would approach getting started as a beginner triathlete in the sport of triathlon.

To get through a triathlon, you need mental toughness, equipment, clothing & other essential items that might not seem obvious. The triathlon gear you need, plus training & racing tips that I've learned in my years as a triathlete.


What do you REALLY need for a multi-day walk like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure? My best tips after participating in a 3-day walk for charity.

It appears there's enough ammo for any triathlete to at least experiment with compression socks to see if they are beneficial. Here are the most popular compression socks used by triathletes.

Here are a few of the latest high-tech bike gear options for triathletes, including: triathlon bikes, triathlon shoes, cycling socks, LED bike lights, Lace locks for shoelaces, and gel bottles for cyclists.

Here are some obstacles to outdoor cycling training, as well as your best options for cycling throughout the cold winter months. Then, all the best cycling gear you'll need for winter biking is highlighted.

Here are some guidelines for choosing cold weather swim gear, plus tips for cold water swim training.

It would presumably take hundreds of training hours to lop 2 minutes off your swim time, and yet 1 hour of transition practice would likely take 2 minutes off your transition time. Here are some tips for improving your transition times during a triathlon race.