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What is it REALLY like to participate in a mud run obstacle course race? Here's the inside scoop. What to expect & How to prepare for your first mud run!

All the best winter training guidelines for triathletes in search of cold weather training tips for the off-season.

While training for a 50-mile ultramarathon, I signed up for my first 12-hour endurance race. Here are 5 of my ultra-running takeaways - helpful for newbies.

Here are the benefits of belonging to a triathlon club, tips for starting a triathlon club yourself, guidelines for organizing your triathlon club, and ways to make your triathlon club successful.

Sometimes, in order to survive as a triathlete, you've got to break the rules. You may be suffering with a severe case of the triathlon doldrums if you have any of the following signs...

If you are a triathlete and want to complete a marathon, go for it! Marathons are a great way for the off-season triathlete to build and maintain aerobic endurance for the next season. Here are some marathon training tips for triathletes...

What kind of strength does one need as a triathlete? I got to wondering about the difference between being weight-lifting strong and being body weight strong and if mattered for triathletes. Here's what I found...

Being a devoted triathlete - and all that comes with it - can seem overwhelming. Here's how I would approach getting started as a beginner triathlete in the sport of triathlon.

Thinking of running a half marathon? Don't let these 4 challenges derail you like they do most new runners. I've got some tips to help you overcome these hurdles