Bike Stuff For Newbies: Cycling Gear Worth Having

by Jim P.

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a-bike-tire-by-taliesin.jpg I mentioned earlier that there are 3 categories of bike gear: 

  • Must Have

  • A Good Idea

  • Would Be Nice

We covered the Must Have list; now it’s on to the other 2 categories.

A Good Idea:

#1  Along with your cycling shorts, it’s a good idea to have a couple cycling jerseys.

#2  While you’re at it, you going to want a bike computer, which monitors things like how fast and how far you are biking. They range from $20 – $100, depending on what you want it to do. I would suggest you get a wireless bike computer. A more expensive version might have a heart-rate monitor function.

#3  Unless you have a pick-up truck or van, you’re going to need a bike rack to transport your bike. You may also need a bike chain and bike lock for times when you do a bike-run training session away from home.

bike-with-2-water-bottles.jpg #4  You will need a couple water bottles to put on your bike. I suggest you also use Cytomax on rides longer than 90 minutes.

#5  Adding aero bars to your road bike is also a good idea.

Here are some tips when making your decision to use aero bars.

#6  Reflective wear and bike lights are also a good idea as longer bike rides are likely to sometimes stretch out into late afternoon and evening hours.

Would Be Nice:

#1  Most people store their bike in the garage. Get yourself a couple S-hooks, and hang your bike from the ceiling in your garage. This is a good way to do it in order to prevent it from being knocked over by your 7-year-old daughter, run over by your car, or clipped by the lawn mover.

Here’s how to hang bikes from the ceiling. Remember, I said your garage ceiling, not the tree in your front yard.


#2  Many serious cyclists have indoor trainers. It’s great to have in cases of inclement weather, and to build cycling skills.


#3  A lot of your bike training is going to be out on the roads, and many cyclists like having a mirror to see what’s going on behind them. Speaking of riding on the roads, I encourage you to review these cycling safety tips.

Okay, I’m going through withdrawal with all this talk about bike gear. Just get a bike and start riding the frickin’ thing!

Here’s the deal… you can have the best gear money can buy, but it’s going to eventually come down to this: How bad do you want it?