Your First Triathlon

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Nutrition & Fitness


4 Sports Nutrition Myths For Endurance Athletes

It’s not uncommon for a triathlete to drag a nutrition myth or two into the sport. Some of these myths could easily prevent a triathlete from performing optimally. Here are 4 nutrition myths that triathletes may be in danger of believing.

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Gear & Equipment


Best Minimalist Running Shoes: 3 Great Options To Protect Your Feet

When done properly, minimalist running is a great way to: Strengthen atrophied muscles Correct running posture Conserve energy by running more efficiently If you’re ready to ditch your traditional running shoes for a cheaper, healthier, more enjoyable option, here are 3 of the best minimalist running shoes that give you the barefoot running experience while protecting your soles. […]


Barefoot Running Shoes vs Minimalist Running Shoes: 5 Key Features To Look For

Barefoot running shoes are those funky looking running shoes with toes. You’ve probably seen them. They’re super popular right now. Serious runners and triathletes have been using them for years. While Vibram may have started the ball rolling, today there are plenty of shoe manufacturers that have a line of running shoes with toes. The […]

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Non-Competitive Outdoor Fun


Honest Mud Run Training Tips & Tricks From Experienced Mud Runners

If you’re preparing for your first mud run, then you’ll definitely find the following tips from experienced mud runners helpful. I mean, who knows what you can expect better than someone who’s actually participated in a mud run …or two or three or four? That’s right, most mud runners say after their first mud run […]

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